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About Us


Our Story

“Bagamoyo” means, “Lay down you heart” in Swahili. We could not think of a better name for our handbag project as this endeavor was emerged from our hearts and our love for the orphaned, abandoned and abused children of Kenya.

I am guessing you never imagined that by purchasing a handbag that you could change the tide of someones existence from despair and death, to life and value. Or that buy making a purchase of a computer sleeve you could  prevent a child from being orphaned and alone. But it is true. It is just that easy. That is why at SOHK we are so proud of “Bagamoyo”

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“Bagamoyo” is now Springs of Hope Kenyas training center and self help project for Women and now men living with HIV/AIDS. We are so proud of this project and the hope that it has brought to so many. Not only the people working at Bagamoyo but to their children and families. People who came to us sick of life and all that is has dealt them basically ready to die and without any options and seeking some kind of hope and finding just that. I am happy to say I have witnessed this first hand at “Bagamoyo” a hope and a future. We have seen true transformation. We offer them, love, emotional support and a stress free environment. A place where they can feel like a valued member of society again. Where they know they will no longer go hungry and that tomorrow their children will eat and go to school. This is not much to ask but so important. I feel so blessed to be just a small part of God’s plan through Bagamoyo.

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With Love

All of our bags are made from local and traditional materials. We have taken these beautiful, colorful materials and made fun, whimsical bags .We not only use the profits for bagamoyo for the women and men and their families through pay and bonuses on sales we  will soon be to a point where we will be able to us the profits to help our children at SOHK. This is also a project to help SOHK become more self-sustaining.

So we hope you will consider purchasing a bag and transforming a life for ever!

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