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"Lay Down Your Heart"


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All Bagamoyo bags are handmade from unique locally sourced fabrics. Each bag is truly one-of-a-kind, so please expect some fabric print variation from what is pictured.

We do promise you a truly beautiful bag!


Free Priority Mail Shipping on Orders over $60

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Bagamoyo is a sewing project born out of Springs of Hope Kenya (SOHK), where director Molly Waits has cultivated love and hope for vulnerable children since 2009.

In addition to caring for orphans, Molly and the SOHK team also desired people living with HIV to realize their futures through the promotion of fine craftsmanship, a valuable job that grants both dignity and income to marginalized families.

"I dreamed of employing my background in marketing and love for fashion to make a difference in people's lives here in Kenya."

— Molly Waits

All Bagamoyo products are made from traditional Kenyan materials, such as kitenges, lesos, masala, Maasai shukas, mudcloth, kikoys, and kangas. These vibrant colors and patterns are then stitched with love into whimsical bags of every style, so that wherever you go, a piece of Kenya can travel with you!

Thank you for supporting Bagamoyo's fashion with a passion, where every purchase makes a lasting difference. In addition to bettering the lives of Bagamoyo associates, all proceeds from your purchases support the funding of Springs of Hopes two orphanages and the education of the children living there.


100% Cotton




Kenya:+011 (254) 705518798


USA: +1 (727) 686-2082 




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